Write With Me

Write It Down Already is a supportive, playful, and provocative writer’s space, where we free ourselves from personal critique and uncover our innate gifts. Through a process of meditation, writing, and receiving uplifting feedback, we build self-confidence, foster intimacy, and create a supportive environment to grow as humans and as writers. 

This word club might be for you if (at least) one of these fits:

  1. You’re a reader
  2. You genuinely want to write
  3. You have “that story” you’ve always said you would write
  4. You have an unresolved issue (or three)
  5. You love book clubs
  6. You’re an active member of online book groups
  7. You were an English major and want to use your degree
  8. You want community to support your word habit

“If you’re a reader, you’re a writer.”
Arminda Lindsay

Participating in our weekly word club is guaranteed to:

  1. Bring out the writer in you
  2. Generate newfound confidence
  3. Create accountability
  4. Provide healing
  5. Forge new friendships
  6. Put words on the page
  7. Learn how to hold space within a group
  8. Look at books through a whole new lens

How it Works

Once a week, for eight weeks, we meet together on Zoom. Through creative prompts and lots of loving, joyous support, we will move through resistance to the expression of your inner life with words.

FAQs & Stuff
I’m not a writer, can I still join?  
Absolutely, 100%, yes. Being a “writer” happens when you write. Participating in Word Club inherently will turn you into a writer!

What if I don’t like what I have written? Do I still have to read it out loud?
If you aren’t feeling great about your words, you can ask for a “Suck Pass.” You still read,
but we all acknowledge your doubts and hesitation with kindness and humor. Incidentally, every single suck pass we’ve granted over the past four years has been revoked.

Is the group is open to all levels?
All are welcome and feel like they belong. You’re always in the safest place amongst (self-proclaimed) non-writers, published authors, and everyone in between. 

Join Us

Wednesdays 5:00 — 7:00 pm, EST
Tuition: $525 (8 weeks)